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Why You Need to Be Concerned about Red Eye and Tearing

Your eyes can easily become bloodshot and teary when they are fatigued or irritated. Most of the time it is just an inconvenience and the episode soon clears itself up when the eyes are rested or the source of irritation is eliminated.

However, if the problem persists then the reason for red eyes and tearing could be symptoms of a much more alarming underlying problem.

Common Causes behind Watery Eyes

Watery eyes happen either because the tear ducts are prompted to overproduce tears or they do not drain properly. Tears are needed in order to keep the eyes sufficiently lubricated and to cleanse the eyes of foreign debris. However, excessive tearing usually indicates a problem that should be checked into if the watering continues.

Some causes of watery eyes are not a major concern and can be easily treated by either over-the-counter medications or by simply leaving an area containing the irritants. A very common cause of tearing, ironically, is excessively dry eyes. In this case, the eyes become irritated from a lack of proper lubrication and prompt tearing. One of the first things you can do when you experience teary eyes is to apply artificial tear eye drops. Your eye doctor can then examine your you to determine a specific cause of your tear deficiency and recommend more tailored treatment.

If discomfort and itching accompanies tearing then you might have come in contact with some sort of irritant. Allergies, dust, pollen, smoke, fumes and other sources which can enter and irritate the eyes are common causes of tearing eyes. You can usually leave the area, if possible, to avoid further contact and flush your eyes with artificial teat solution. your ophthalmologist then can prescribe specific eye drops regimen to alleviate the symptoms.

Sometimes, more severe causes lay behind teary eyes. Clogged lacrimal ducts, although uncommon, can cause watery eyes and is a serious problem because infections can take hold and spread into your eye from the nasal cavity. Age, surgery or sharp trauma to the nose is known to cause such blockages.

Infections will also cause watery eyes and should be treated immediately before they spread and do permanent damage. Conjunctivitis (pink eye) and blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelid) are two common infections which affect the eyes, causing them to water excessively. Wearers of contact lenses are more susceptible to severe eye infections and should contact an ophthalmologist immediately at the earliest signs of irritation or discomfort.

Common Causes behind Red Eye

Red eyes are the result of the eyes being irritated or inflamed which causes the superficial blood vessels in the eye to swell, giving the appearance of being “red”. Most of the same causes for watery eyes are also behind red eyes as those things which make the eyes water will also cause irritation and, thus, enlargement of the blood vessels.

However, red eye can also be a symptom of a more serious underlying problem which should be addressed as soon as possible and is the reason you should always have your eyes examined at the first signs of redness. The most common are high blood pressure, acute glaucoma (increased eye pressure), uveitis, scleritis or iritis (inflammation of the eye structure), periorbital or orbital cellulitis (eyelid or soft tissue infection), or some type of trauma.

If you experience any of these symptoms which persist and cause abnormal discomfort, you should visit your eye doctor immediately for an examination into the cause and to receive proper treatment.