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Comprehensive Eye Exam

iExam is the most complete and advanced assessment of your eye health and risks to preserve your eyesight and appearance.

Careful taking of your personal eye history, family eye history and your social history ensures that little details that may make a big difference in your eye health are not missed.

The iExam includes:

  • vision acuity check

  • corneal topography and refraction

  • fitting with eyeglasses and/or contact lenses

  • visual field evaluation which determines early problems with glaucoma and some types of brain tumors

  • intraocular pressure check

  • evaluation of lid position

  • eyelid and conjunctiva evaluation for skin cancer, inflammation, allergy, infection, etc.

  • cornea evaluation for dryness and infections

  • anterior chamber evaluation for glaucoma and tumors

  • lens evaluation for cataract

  • retina evaluation for freckles, tumors, age related changes (age related macular degeneration), diabetes related changes (diabetic retinopathy), high blood pressure related changes (hypertensive retinopathy) and any effect of medications that you are taking by mouth